1: Discover the perfect bangs for your face shape. From blunt to side-swept, find the best style for you.

2: Add a touch of personality with feathery bangs. Ideal for round or heart-shaped faces.

3: Effortlessly chic with curtain bangs. Perfect for oval or square face shapes.

4: Achieve a bold look with arched bangs. Best for long or diamond-shaped faces.

5: Create a soft, romantic vibe with wispy bangs. Flattering for all face shapes.

6: Get a modern twist with asymmetrical bangs. Great for angular or oblong faces.

7: Elevate your style with brow-grazing bangs. Suited for petite or wider foreheads.

8: Enhance your features with tapered bangs. Complementing for heart or oval shapes.

9: Experiment with micro bangs for a trendy edge. Ideal for petite or heart-shaped faces.