1: Boost your day with these 10-minute Mediterranean breakfasts. Packed with magnesium for an anti-inflammatory start!

2: Try lemon and herb egg muffins for a quick, nutritious breakfast option.

3: Get your omega-3s with a smoked salmon and avocado toast recipe!

4: Turmeric-spiced Greek yogurt and fruit parfait for a protein-rich morning meal.

5: Whip up a quinoa and mixed berry breakfast bowl for a satisfying option.

6: Breakfast bruschetta with tomatoes, feta, and spinach for a savory twist.

7: Apple cinnamon oatmeal bake for a warm and comforting start to the day.

8: Banana almond butter smoothie for a quick and easy breakfast on the go.

9: Enjoy a date and walnut chia seed pudding for a sweet and healthy morning treat.