1: "6 Most Evil Vulcans In Star Trek" 1. Sarek 2. Tuvok

2: 3. Sybok 4. Valeris

3: 5. T'Kuvma 6. V'Las

4: Sarek, father of Spock, hid dark secrets. Tuvok, from Voyager, struggled with emotions.

5: Sybok, Spock's half-brother, led a dangerous cult. Valeris betrayed Kirk and crew.

6: T'Kuvma, Klingon fanatic, sparked war. V'Las, prejudiced leader, caused division.

7: These sinister Vulcans show a darker side to the logical race. Explore their tales.

8: Discover the complexity of Vulcan characters in Star Trek. Their actions challenge logic.

9: Uncover the darkness within Vulcan society. These characters test the limits of logic.