1: Start your day right with Mediterranean diet breakfast appetizers. Perfect for gatherings, these dishes are delicious and healthy.

2: Mini frittatas are a great choice for a Mediterranean breakfast. Packed with veggies and protein, they are sure to please.

3: Avocado toast is a trendy and tasty option for a Mediterranean breakfast appetizer. Top with cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta cheese.

4: Greek yogurt parfaits are a light and refreshing choice for a Mediterranean breakfast. Layers of yogurt, honey, and fresh fruit make a delicious treat.

5: Hummus and vegetable skewers are a fun and easy appetizer for a Mediterranean breakfast gathering. Serve with pita chips for dipping.

6: Stuffed grape leaves, or dolmades, are a classic Mediterranean dish perfect for breakfast. Filled with rice, herbs, and lemon, they are bursting with flavor.

7: Mediterranean bruschetta is a fresh and flavorful option for a healthy breakfast appetizer. Top toast with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives.

8: Baked oatmeal cups are a convenient and delicious choice for a Mediterranean breakfast. Filled with oats, nuts, and dried fruit, they are a satisfying treat.

9: Don't forget to serve a refreshing fruit salad at your Mediterranean breakfast gathering. Mix together a variety of fresh fruits for a colorful and tasty dish.