1: Discover the 8 calmest dog breeds perfect for seniors - these gentle and easygoing puppies make great companions for quiet households.

2: Bichon Frise - Known for their cheerful demeanor and fluffy coats, these affectionate dogs are great for older individuals seeking a low-maintenance pet.

3: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - With their loving nature and gentle temperament, these royal pups are ideal for seniors looking for a loyal companion.

4: Greyhound - Surprisingly laid-back and low-energy, these sleek dogs make great companions for seniors who enjoy relaxed walks and quiet evenings at home.

5: Shih Tzu - With their playful personalities and cuddly appearance, these little dogs are perfect for seniors looking for a sweet and loving companion.

6: Pug - Affectionate and easy to care for, these charming dogs are great for seniors seeking a low-key and loyal friend to spend their days with.

7: Cocker Spaniel - Known for their friendly and adaptable nature, these happy pups are great for seniors looking for a loving and sociable companion.

8: Bulldog - Despite their tough exterior, these gentle giants are actually quite mellow and affectionate, making them ideal companions for seniors.

9: Beagle - With their friendly and curious personalities, these lovable dogs make great companions for seniors who enjoy outdoor activities and leisurely strolls.