1: Anne Hathaway is a talented actress who initially didn't understand Nicholas Galitzine's frosted tips.

2: Galitzine's unique hairstyle left Hathaway puzzled when they first met on set.

3: Despite her initial confusion, Hathaway came to appreciate Galitzine's individual style.

4: Their on-screen chemistry in "Locked Down" helped them bond beyond the hair mystery.

5: Hathaway and Galitzine's collaboration was a success, despite the initial misunderstanding.

6: Their mutual respect for each other's talent translated beautifully on-screen.

7: The actors found common ground and shared a deep connection as co-stars.

8: Hathaway and Galitzine's dynamic on-screen duo captivated audiences in "Locked Down."

9: In the end, Hathaway and Galitzine proved that true talent shines brighter than any hairstyle.