1: Discover how aquatic animals are the masters of cleanliness. From filter-feeding whales to cleaning shrimp, learn how they keep their environment pristine.

2: Did you know that cleaner wrasse remove parasites from other fish? These tiny cleaners help maintain a healthy ecosystem in coral reefs.

3: Sea otters are known for their grooming habits. They use their paws to clean their fur, helping to keep themselves warm and buoyant.

4: Manta rays have a unique way of staying clean. These gentle giants visit cleaning stations where smaller fish help remove parasites from their bodies.

5: Bottlenose dolphins are meticulous groomers. They use their teeth to remove dead skin and parasites, promoting good hygiene within their social groups.

6: Octopuses are known to be masterful hunters, but they also keep their environment clean. They use their tentacles to remove debris and maintain a tidy den.

7: Sea turtles play a crucial role in ocean ecosystems. By feeding on algae and sea grass, they help regulate the growth of plant life and maintain water clarity.

8: Hermit crabs are not just scavengers. They play a vital role in cleaning up their environment by feeding on decaying organic matter and algae.

9: From tiny shrimp to massive whales, aquatic animals demonstrate the importance of cleanliness in maintaining healthy and thriving ocean ecosystems.