1: Ash vs. Tobias - A legendary battle that pushed Ash to his limits.

2: Ash vs. Gary - A classic rivalry showdown that showcased Ash's growth.

3: Ash vs. Alain - A powerful battle that solidified Ash's skills as a trainer.

4: Ash vs. Paul - A fierce fight that highlighted Ash's determination to never give up.

5: Ash vs. Kukui - A final battle that crowned Ash as an Alolan Champion.

6: Ash vs. Ritchie - A friendly competition that tested Ash's bond with his Pokémon.

7: Ash vs. Harrison - A thrilling battle that proved Ash's strength as a trainer.

8: Ash vs. Sawyer - A heated rivalry that pushed Ash to new heights.

9: Ash vs. Gladion - A powerful fight that showcased Ash's evolution as a Pokémon trainer.