1: Attract hummingbirds year-round with diverse nectar sources like flowers and feeders.

2: Plant red, pink, or orange tubular flowers to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

3: Provide fresh nectar in feeders, replacing it every 3-4 days to keep it safe.

4: Create a safe haven for hummingbirds with perches and shelter from predators.

5: Keep your garden pesticide-free to ensure a healthy environment for hummingbirds.

6: Clean your feeders regularly with hot water and vinegar to prevent mold growth.

7: Install a mister or fountain for hummingbirds to bathe and cool off in.

8: Hang red ribbons or windsocks near feeders to catch hummingbirds' attention.

9: Add variety to your garden with different colors, scents, and heights to attract hummingbirds.