Coin Collector's Paradise: 8 Bicentennial Quarters Valued at $45k Each

Let's Start

Double Die Obverse Quarter: A rare minting error where the motto "In God We Trust" appears doubled, making it highly sought after by collectors.

Off-Center Strike Quarter: This quarter was struck significantly off-center, creating a unique and visually striking error that catches the eye of high-end collectors.

Full Drum Lines Quarter: Exceptionally rare, this quarter features full, clear drum lines on the reverse, indicating a perfect strike and pristine condition.

Overstruck on a Foreign Coin Quarter: A mythical rarity, this quarter was mistakenly struck over a foreign coin, creating a fascinating and unique numismatic piece.

Reeded Edge Error Quarter: This quarter mistakenly features extra reeding on its edge, a rare error that occurred during the minting process.

Double Struck Quarter: A quarter that went through the minting press twice, creating a doubled image that is highly prized by collectors.

Missing Clad Layer Quarter: Exhibiting a copper color on one side due to the absence of its nickel-clad layer, making it a unique error piece.

Proof Bicentennial Quarter with Frosted Finish: A limited edition proof quarter with a special frosted finish that was not intended for release, making it extremely rare.

Signed Bicentennial Quarter: Hypothetically signed by the designer, Jack L. Ahr, this quarter would carry historical significance and immense value to collectors.