1: Google Pixel 5 is more affordable yet boasts better battery life and 5G capability than the Pixel 4.

2: Improved camera quality and faster processor make Pixel 5 a better choice over Pixel 4.

3: Pixel 5 features a larger display and sleeker design compared to Pixel 4.

4: Enhanced security features on Pixel 5 outshine those on Pixel 4.

5: Pixel 5 offers more storage options and RAM capacity than Pixel 4.

6: Google Assistant is more responsive on Pixel 5 than on Pixel 4.

7: Pixel 5 has better water and dust resistance ratings than Pixel 4.

8: Wireless charging and reverse charging capabilities are improved on Pixel 5 over Pixel 4.

9: Overall, Google Pixel 5 is a significant upgrade from Pixel 4 with better performance and features.