1: Severe trauma, difficulty breathing, or sudden collapse require immediate vet care.

2: Ingestion of toxins, including chocolate, grapes, or xylitol, can be life-threatening.

3: Bloody diarrhea, vomiting, or a distended abdomen could signal a serious issue.

4: Unexplained bleeding, seizures, or sudden paralysis are emergencies that need vet help.

5: Any animal hit by a car, even with no visible injuries, should see a vet.

6: Sudden, severe pain, or uncontrolled coughing should not be ignored.

7: Inability to urinate, excessive coughing, or difficulty giving birth are urgent situations.

8: Swallowed foreign objects, difficulty giving birth, or heatstroke are all emergencies.

9: Rapid breathing, pale gums, or sudden loss of coordination require immediate vet attention.