1: "Galaxy S7 Edge screens showing pink lines? Learn why it happens and how to fix it quickly."

2: "Check for software updates and restart your device to fix pink line issues on Galaxy S7 Edge screens."

3: "Perform a factory reset if pink lines persist on your Galaxy S7 Edge screen after software updates."

4: "Adjust screen settings like brightness and color to troubleshoot pink line problems on Galaxy S7 Edge."

5: "Consider replacing the screen or seeking professional help if pink lines continue to appear on your Galaxy S7 Edge."

6: "Download screen diagnostic apps to identify and resolve pink line anomalies on your Galaxy S7 Edge."

7: "Reset display settings and disable any third-party apps to resolve pink line issues on Galaxy S7 Edge screens."

8: "Contact Samsung support or visit a certified repair center for expert assistance with Galaxy S7 Edge pink line problems."

9: "Prevent future pink line issues by keeping your Galaxy S7 Edge updated and protected with a reliable screen protector."