1: Celebrate Hanukkah in style with these festive nail designs. From menorahs to dreidels, we've got you covered.

2: Add some sparkle to your Hanukkah look with glitter accents and silver polish. Your nails will shine as bright as the menorah.

3: Get creative with blue and white nail art, inspired by the colors of the Israeli flag. Let your nails show off your Jewish pride.

4: Try out some cute Hanukkah-themed decals, like dreidels and Star of David designs. Your nails will be the talk of the party.

5: Incorporate traditional Hanukkah symbols, like gelt and latkes, into your nail art. Your festive nails will be a hit at any celebration.

6: Experiment with different shades of blue, from sky to navy, to create a stunning ombre effect. Your Hanukkah nails will be truly eye-catching.

7: Add some sparkle and shine with metallic nail polish in silver and gold hues. Your nails will be the perfect complement to your Hanukkah outfit.

8: Try out some intricate nail stamping designs, like menorahs and hamsas. Your nails will be a work of art this Hanukkah.

9: Finish off your Hanukkah nail look with a top coat for extra shine and staying power. Your festive nails will last all eight nights.