1: "Keep dogs safe from toxic cookout foods. Learn about hazards like grapes, onions, and garlic. Keep your furry friend healthy. "

2: "Chocolate and avocado are also dangerous. Avoid feeding your dog these foods. Stay aware at summer gatherings. "

3: "Alcohol and caffeine can harm pets. Be cautious with drinks and desserts. Protect your dog from potential dangers. "

4: "Fatty meats and bones can cause problems. Stick to dog-safe treats. Keep your pup healthy and happy. "

5: "Keep an eye on the grill. Prevent burns and accidents. Create a safe environment for your dog. "

6: "Keep trash secure. Avoid scavenging behavior. Dispose of hazardous leftovers properly. "

7: "Know the signs of poisoning. Act quickly if symptoms appear. Contact a vet immediately. "

8: "Offer safe alternatives. Keep dog-friendly snacks on hand. Enjoy cookouts without risks. "

9: "Protect your furry friend. Avoid risky foods. Prioritize your dog's well-being at all times. "