1: In the original 1957 film, Henry Fonda starred as Juror 8, while in the 1997 remake, Jack Lemmon took on the role.

2: The 1997 version featured a more diverse ensemble cast compared to the all-white male cast of the original film.

3: Both films were critically acclaimed for their intense courtroom drama and powerful performances by the cast.

4: The 1997 remake updated the setting and costumes to reflect a more modern aesthetic compared to the original film.

5: The character dynamics and tensions between the jurors are portrayed differently in each film, adding a unique spin to the storyline.

6: Sidney Lumet directed the original film, while William Friedkin took on directing duties for the 1997 remake.

7: The themes of justice, prejudice, and the power of persuasion are central to both films, but are explored in slightly different ways.

8: The original film is considered a classic of American cinema, while the 1997 remake brought a fresh perspective to the timeless story.

9: Despite the differences in cast and style, both versions of "12 Angry Men" continue to captivate audiences with their gripping narrative and compelling performances.