1: Explore Harlem's iconic Apollo Theater, witness incredible talent, and feel the energy of its historic stage.

2: Stroll along 125th Street, soak in the vibrant culture, and shop at local boutiques and markets.

3: Indulge in soulful cuisine at Sylvia's Restaurant, serving up delicious Southern comfort food for over 50 years.

4: Visit the Studio Museum in Harlem to experience contemporary African American art and culture.

5: Take a guided tour of historic Harlem brownstones, learning about the neighborhood's rich past and architecture.

6: Catch a live jazz performance at the legendary Red Rooster, a hotspot for music lovers and foodies.

7: Pay homage to civil rights leader Malcolm X at his former residence, now a National Historic Site.

8: Join a Harlem gospel choir for a powerful and uplifting Sunday morning service.

9: Reflect on Harlem's history at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a hub for African American heritage.