1: Jon Snow's decisions led to Ned and Cregan Stark's failure in Game of Thrones Legacies.

2: The consequences of Jon Snow's actions reverberated through the Stark family history.

3: Ned and Cregan Stark's Game of Thrones legacies were tarnished by Jon Snow's failures.

4: Despite their efforts, Ned and Cregan Stark's fates were sealed by Jon Snow's mistakes.

5: Jon Snow's betrayal had a lasting impact on the Stark family and their legacies.

6: Ned and Cregan Stark's dreams were shattered due to Jon Snow's shortcomings.

7: The Starks' hopes were crushed when Jon Snow failed them in Game of Thrones Legacies.

8: Jon Snow's errors led to the downfall of Ned and Cregan Stark in their quest for power.

9: Ultimately, Jon Snow's failures proved to be the downfall of the Starks and their legacies.