1: Exciting news! NCIS spinoff starring Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo ordered at Paramount.

2: Fan theory: Tony and Ziva will embark on a new adventure together in the spinoff series.

3: Could Tony and Ziva be working undercover in the spinoff? Fans speculate.

4: Will Tony and Ziva's relationship take a romantic turn in the spinoff series?

5: Fans hope to see Tony and Ziva reunite with their NCIS colleagues in the spinoff.

6: Is there a possibility of Tony and Ziva facing new enemies in the spinoff series?

7: Could the spinoff series explore Tony and Ziva's past experiences together?

8: Fans eagerly anticipate the on-screen chemistry between Tony and Ziva in the spinoff.

9: The Tony and Ziva spinoff promises to keep NCIS fans on the edge of their seats.