1: 1. Tony and Ziva return in a new NCIS spinoff series. 2. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo reunite on screen. 3. Fans are excited for the beloved characters' comeback.

2: 4. The chemistry between Tony and Ziva is unmatched. 5. Viewers can't wait to see their favorite duo back in action. 6. The spinoff promises more drama and mystery.

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4: 10. The Tony and Ziva spinoff will explore new cases and adventures. 11. Fans are eager to see where the story will take these characters. 12. Paramount has greenlit the series, much to fans' delight.

5: 13. The new series will showcase Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo's talents. 14. Viewers are counting down the days until the premiere. 15. The Tony and Ziva spinoff is highly anticipated.

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8: 22. The new series will explore Tony and Ziva's dynamic in a new light. 23. Fans can't wait to see how their story unfolds. 24. Paramount's decision to greenlight the spinoff has fans buzzing.

9: 25. The Tony and Ziva spinoff is set to be a game-changer for NCIS fans. 26. Viewers are eager to see their favorite characters take on new challenges. 27. Stay tuned for more news and updates on the highly anticipated series.