1: Netflix's Resident Evil series follows characters from the games, creating a seamless connection in the universe.

2: Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield navigate Raccoon City in the series, tying into their game storylines.

3: Fans theorize on connections between the T-Virus outbreak in the series and the games' events.

4: The Umbrella Corporation's involvement in the Resident Evil series hints at a larger conspiracy.

5: Easter eggs in the series nod to key moments in the games, delighting fans with references.

6: Character crossovers in the series and games suggest a shared universe, captivating audiences.

7: The mystery surrounding the Red Queen AI in the series hints at deeper ties to the games' lore.

8: The series' creators confirm connections to the games, fueling speculation and excitement among viewers.

9: Overall, Netflix's Resident Evil series intricately weaves together elements from the games, creating a rich and immersive storytelling experience.