1: "Primetime Shocker: NCIS Franchise Show Cancelled Due to Hawaii's Cancellation"

2: "Fans Left Heartbroken as Hawaii's Cancellation Leads to NCIS Franchise Show Rebranding"

3: "Hawaii Cancellation Forces NCIS Franchise Show to Rename and Reimagine Storylines"

4: "NCIS Franchise Show Faces Major Changes Following Hawaii's Unexpected Exit"

5: "From Hawaii to Homicide: NCIS Franchise Show's Drastic Title Change"

6: "NCIS Franchise Show's Reboot Takes Unexpected Turn After Hawaii's Cancellation"

7: "NCIS Franchise Show's New Title Reflects Dramatic Shift Post Hawaii's Exit"

8: "Primetime Drama: NCIS Franchise Show Gets Fresh Start After Hawaii's Cancellation"

9: "NCIS Franchise Show Rebrands in Wake of Hawaii's Departure, Promising Exciting New Chapters"