1: Introduction Explore the love story of Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris in this captivating timeline.

2: Early Beginnings Discover how Sophia and Ashlyn first met and began their romantic journey together.

3: Growing Closer Delve into the moments that brought Sophia and Ashlyn closer over time.

4: Relationship Milestones Celebrate the important milestones in Sophia and Ashlyn's relationship.

5: Public Declarations Learn about the public declarations of love between Sophia and Ashlyn.

6: Challenges Faced Discover how Sophia and Ashlyn tackled challenges in their relationship.

7: Supportive Partners See how Sophia and Ashlyn support each other in their personal and professional endeavors.

8: Future Plans Explore the plans Sophia and Ashlyn have for their future together.

9: Lasting Love Witness the enduring love shared between Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris.