1: Mirror universe counterparts of beloved Star Trek characters bring out the darkest traits. Explore the top 10 most evil mirror universe characters!

2: Kicking off the list is Empress Hoshi Sato, who will stop at nothing to maintain her power and control in the mirror universe.

3: Mirror Spock challenges the stereotype of logical Vulcans with his manipulative and power-hungry nature.

4: Mirror Khan Noonien Singh is a ruthless and cunning dictator, using his superior intellect to crush his enemies without mercy.

5: Mirror Captain Archer stands out for his cold and calculating demeanor, willing to sacrifice anyone for his own gain.

6: Evil and sadistic, Mirror Kira Nerys is a formidable adversary with a penchant for violence and bloodshed.

7: Mirror Admiral Leeta uses her seductive charm and cunning tactics to manipulate others for her own benefit.

8: Mirror Beverly Crusher is a dangerous and calculating physician who uses her medical skills for nefarious purposes.

9: Rounding out the list is Mirror Garak, a master of deception and intrigue who thrives on chaos and manipulation.