1: 1. Harvey Specter's shocking return to the firm. 2. Jessica Pearson's unexpected alliance with a rival. 3. Louis Litt's secret family drama unfolds.

2: 4. Rachel Zane's surprising career opportunity. 5. Mike Ross' undercover mission to take down a corrupt CEO. 6. Donna Paulsen's risky move to save the firm.

3: 7. Alex Williams' betrayal that shakes the foundation of the firm. 8. Katrina Bennett's rise to power as the new managing partner. 9. Samantha Wheeler's dark past comes back to haunt her.

4: 10. Robert Zane's comeback to the legal world. 11. Scottie's return to help the firm in a time of crisis. 12. Esther's shocking revelation that changes everything.

5: 13. Hardman's sinister plot to take down the firm. 14. Gretchen's hidden agenda that puts everyone in danger. 15. Stu's unexpected move that threatens to ruin everything.

6: 16. Sheila's return with a bombshell announcement. 17. Brian's double-cross that shocks his colleagues. 18. Marcus' secret past that comes back to haunt him.

7: 19. The arrival of a mysterious new associate. 20. A shocking death that rocks the firm to its core. 21. A betrayal from within that changes everything.

8: 22. A scandal that threatens to destroy the firm. 23. A shocking discovery that could save them all. 24. A dangerous alliance that puts everyone at risk.

9: 25. A family reunion that uncovers long-buried secrets. 26. A forbidden romance that threatens to tear the firm apart. 27. A shocking twist that no one saw coming.