1: Tony and Ziva reunite in new NCIS spinoff set to premiere in 2024.

2: Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of this dynamic duo.

3: The new show promises to bring back the beloved characters in a fresh and exciting way.

4: Tony and Ziva's chemistry is undeniable as they team up once again.

5: Get ready for action, suspense, and plenty of surprises in this NCIS spinoff.

6: 2024 will be the year that Tony and Ziva make their triumphant return to TV screens.

7: The new show will delve into the characters' pasts while exploring new mysteries.

8: NCIS fans can't wait to see what adventures await Tony and Ziva in this exciting spinoff.

9: Stay tuned for the highly anticipated premiere of Tony and Ziva's new NCIS spinoff in 2024.