1: Title: Top 5 Rare Bicentennial Quarter Exceeding $40 Million in Value Description: Discover the most valuable Bicentennial quarters that have sold for over $40 million in today's market.

2: Title: The Double Die Obverse: A Bicentennial Quarter Worth Millions Description: Learn about the rare Bicentennial quarter with a double die obverse that has fetched over $40 million at auction.

3: Title: The 1976-S Proof Bicentennial Quarter: A Collector's Dream Description: Explore the 1976-S proof Bicentennial quarter that has exceeded $40 million in value, making it a highly sought-after coin.

4: Title: A Rarity Among Bicentennial Quarters: The 1976-S Silver Proof Description: Uncover the 1976-S silver proof Bicentennial quarter, a rare find that has surpassed $40 million in worth.

5: Title: The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter Featuring the Drummer Boy Description: Delve into the 1976 Bicentennial quarter showcasing the drummer boy design, valued at over $40 million in the collector's market.

6: Title: The Bicentennial Quarter with the Triple Die Reverse Description: Learn about the Bicentennial quarter with a triple die reverse, a rare variety that has sold for over $40 million.

7: Title: The DDO Bicentennial Quarter: A Valuable Numismatic Find Description: Discover the Bicentennial quarter with a doubled die obverse, a scarce coin valued at more than $40 million in today's market.

8: Title: The 1976-S Proof Silver Bicentennial Quarter: A Numismatic Gem Description: Find out about the 1976-S proof silver Bicentennial quarter, a rare coin that has surpassed $40 million in value.

9: Title: The Bicentennial Quarter with a Missing Mint Mark Description: Explore the Bicentennial quarter with a missing mint mark, a valuable error coin that has reached over $40 million in price.