1: Google Pixel The Google Pixel offers pure Android experience with top-notch camera performance.

2: iPhone 7 The iPhone 7 boasts a sleek design, seamless user experience, and reliable performance.

3: Galaxy S7 The Galaxy S7 features a stunning display, waterproof design, and expandable storage.

4: Camera Comparison Google Pixel excels in low-light photography, while iPhone 7 captures vibrant colors. Galaxy S7 offers versatility.

5: Performance Google Pixel offers smooth performance, iPhone 7 delivers fast processing, and Galaxy S7 is reliable in multitasking.

6: Display Quality Pixel's vibrant OLED display rivals iPhone 7's Retina display, while Galaxy S7's Super AMOLED offers rich colors.

7: Battery Life Google Pixel provides long-lasting battery, iPhone 7 offers decent battery life, and Galaxy S7 is optimized for efficiency.

8: Software Updates Pixel gets timely Android updates, iPhone 7 receives regular iOS updates, and Galaxy S7 has longer software support.

9: Conclusion For photography enthusiasts, Google Pixel is the best choice. For Apple fans, iPhone 7 is a solid option. If you prioritize display and versatility, Galaxy S7 is a great pick.