1: Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo, is a fan-favorite character on NCIS. Her strong, independent spirit and sharp wit have captivated audiences for years.

2: As a former Mossad officer, Ziva brings a unique perspective to the NCIS team. Her complex backstory and emotional depth have endeared her to fans worldwide.

3: Ziva's chemistry with fellow agents Tony DiNozzo and Gibbs added heart and humor to the show. Her departure left fans devastated but her legacy lives on.

4: Despite her absence, Ziva remains a beloved figure in NCIS lore. Fans continue to speculate about her possible return and eagerly await any news about her character.

5: Ziva's resilience and determination in the face of danger have inspired viewers of all ages. Her evolution from a mysterious newcomer to a trusted teammate is legendary.

6: Ziva's impact on the NCIS universe is undeniable. Her influence can still be felt in the show's storylines and character dynamics to this day.

7: Fans cherish the memories of Ziva's memorable moments on NCIS. Her fierce loyalty, unwavering courage, and unwavering sense of justice have left a lasting impression.

8: Ziva David's legacy as a strong, complex female character on NCIS continues to resonate with audiences. Her character's depth and authenticity have made her an icon.

9: In the hearts of NCIS fans, Ziva David will always be remembered as a beloved character whose strength, passion, and integrity have left an indelible mark on the show.