Up Your Potato Game: 10 Unknown Ingredients That Always Make Perfect Roasted Potatoes 🥗 🥗

Roasted potatoes are a beloved classic, gracing dinner tables worldwide with their crispy exteriors and fluffy insides.

While olive oil, salt, and pepper are the go-to seasonings, there are lesser-known ingredients that can elevate your potato dish from standard to spectacular.

If you’re ready to explore the culinary possibilities and transform your roasted potatoes into a gourmet affair, here are ten unexpected ingredients to include in your next batch.

Miso Paste

Miso paste, a traditional Japanese seasoning, is made from fermented soybeans and offers a rich umami flavor.

When brushed onto potatoes before roasting, miso caramelizes beautifully, providing a salty-sweet depth of flavor.

Combine it with a bit of olive oil or melted butter for an easy-to-apply glaze. The resulting potatoes are not just flavorful but also boast a uniquely appealing golden-brown crust.

Anchovy Fillets

Don’t be deterred by their strong reputation; anchovies can subtly enhance your roasted potatoes without overwhelming them.

Melt a few anchovy fillets into your cooking oil along with garlic and herbs before tossing the potatoes in this savory mix.

The anchovies dissolve, leaving behind a salty richness that deeply penetrates the potatoes, making them irresistibly delicious.


Sumac, a staple in Middle Eastern cooking, has a tangy lemon-like flavor that can brighten up any dish.

Sprinkle ground sumac over your potatoes before roasting to add a citrusy pop that cuts through the richness of the potatoes.

This spice not only adds a vibrant red hue but also delivers a slight tartness that makes each bite moreish.

Truffle Oil

Introducing truffle oil to roasted potatoes can transform a simple side dish into a luxurious treat.

Drizzle a small amount of truffle oil over the potatoes after they come out of the oven so the delicate aroma and flavor remain intact.

This addition is perfect for special occasions, adding a touch of elegance to your meal.


This creamy sesame seed paste is another great way to add a nutty flavor to roasted potatoes.

Mix tahini with a little lemon juice and water until it becomes pourable, then drizzle over the potatoes before you roast them. The tahini crust that forms on the potatoes will have a wonderfully crisp texture and a deep, roasted sesame taste.


A few strands of saffron can lend a luxurious aroma and a beautiful golden color to your roasted potatoes.

Infuse a pinch of saffron in warm water or broth, then mix it with your oil before tossing the potatoes.

This spice is not only visually striking but also imbues the potatoes with a subtle earthiness and floral note.

Tamarind Paste

Known for its sour-sweet profile, tamarind paste is a dynamic ingredient in many Asian cuisines.

Mix tamarind paste with honey or maple syrup to create a glaze that balances the tartness, then coat the potatoes before roasting.

This combination will give you a perfect crust and a mouth-watering flavor contrast.


This Korean chili paste packs a punch with its spicy, slightly sweet flavor. Blend gochujang with a bit of soy sauce and oil to make a marinade that will give your potatoes a spicy kick.

The heat from the gochujang enhances the potatoes’ sweetness, making this an excellent choice for those who enjoy a bit of spice.

Orange Zest

Adding orange zest to roasted potatoes provides a bright, citrusy note that contrasts beautifully with their earthy flavor.

Combine the zest with rosemary or thyme and olive oil for a fragrant and refreshing twist. This ingredient not only perks up the flavor but also adds a burst of color.


Ground cardamom has a complex flavor profile that includes hints of lemon, mint, and smoke.

Sprinkling a little cardamom on your potatoes before roasting can introduce a subtly sweet, aromatic quality that makes the dish intriguing and flavorful.

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    Elevating your roasted potatoes doesn’t require exotic techniques, just a willingness to experiment with unique ingredients.

    Each of these additions offers a different flavor profile that can complement the natural taste of potatoes, turning an everyday side dish into a standout star of any meal.

    So next time you’re roasting up some spuds, reach for one of these unusual ingredients and prepare to impress your dinner guests with your culinary creativity!

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